Compensation from slipping on steps

£23,000 compensation for woman who slipped and fell on steps 

A woman who slipped and broke her ankle while stepping out of a caravan has been awarded £23,000 compensation.

The woman was 62 years old at the time of the accident in October 2010. She was descending a flight of steps from a static caravan at a holiday park when she slipped and then fell.

She was for off work eight days due to the injury. Her fractured ankle still hadn’t fully healed after two years and she had to undergo surgery. This resulted in her having to take a further 12 weeks off work.

It was more than three years before she made a full recovery. She required care and assistance immediately after the accident and for the 12 weeks after surgery.

The woman made a compensation claim against the owners of the caravan, on the basis that they were negligent and in breach of their duty under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957.

The caravan owners accepted liability but claimed the delay in the ankle healing was caused by the fact that the woman was a smoker, which could cause complications with injuries of this kind. The woman had smoked 15 cigarettes a day for 45 years.

The two sides eventually agreed an out-of-court settlement of £23,000 to compensate the woman for her pain and suffering, and to cover the cost of the care she needed plus various other expenses.

Personal Injury Claim Details

Total Damages: £23,000 (£23,153.09 RPI)
PSLA: £16,700 (£16,811.16 RPI)
Trial/settlement date: 15/1/2015
Type of Award:  Out of Court Settlement

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