Burn Injury

Burn Injury in the Workplace

We all know just how painful burns can be. Even the smallest of burns are sore and take time to heal. The results of a burn injury can be a painful recovery, scarring and even soft tissue or muscle damage. In the most severe cases, there could be permanent physical damage, a loss of mobility and multiple surgeries needed.

In the workplace, burn injuries are shockingly common, but most can be prevented. Employers have a duty to ensure that there are the correct health and safety procedures in place to protect staff and visitors as best it can from receiving burn injuries.

At Injury Lawyers UK we have vast experience in dealing with claims regarding accidents in the workplace. We understand just how devastating burns injuries can be. The pain you have suffered and the recovery can be a great strain physically and emotionally not only for yourself but also your family. We always aim to claim the maximum amount of compensation available to you which can hopefully help you and your family with costs and to rebuild your lives.

Types of Claim

There are a number of ways burn injuries in the workplace can occur. Some of the most common are:

• Contact with hot equipment
• Contact with hot liquids
• Contact with fire
• Chemical burns
• Electrical burns
• Radiation burns

Employers have a duty to ensure health and safety measures are put in place to prevent such accidents occurring but these may not always be followed. Common health and safety measures not in place are:

• Lack of protective clothing including gloves
• Lack of appropriate training
• Exposed hot surfaces
• Dangerous handling of chemicals or hot liquids
• Faulty electrical equipment
• Equipment overheating
• Unsafe workspace

The results of a burn injury may not just be physical but also psychological as well. The pain and suffering endured and the trauma of the accident and recovery can lead victims to suffer from depression or post-traumatic stress.

Am I Eligible to Make a Claim?

If you have suffered a burn injury in the workplace that wasn’t your fault, you could be due compensation. This not only takes account of the pain and suffering you have endured but also any loss of earnings, treatments and future effects of the injury. At Injury Lawyers UK we understand the physical and emotional trauma that burn injuries cause and will help and advise you about your potential case throughout.

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