Paralysis Work Accident Claims

Paralysis is one of the most life altering things that can happen to someone. It is defined as the inability to move or feel in part or most of the body. If you have suffered an accident leading to any form of paralysis, the likelihood is that you would be unable to return to that job or work full stop.

Unfortunately, accidents in the workplace are common, but most of them are preventable. Employers have a duty by law to ensure the correct health and safety procedures are implemented to prevent such accidents from occurring. If these standards are not followed or met, you may be able to make a claim against them for failing in their duty of care towards you. This may be something as basic as the necessary risk assessments not being carried out as often as they should.

Any form of paralysis is one of the most serious consequences of an accident in the workplace, so if it is a result of any type of negligence, a claim should be pursued.

At Injury Lawyers UK we understand just how devastating paralysis can be, whatever the severity. Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers always strive to get you the maximum amount of compensation available if we feel you have a case. This doesn’t just take into account the pain and suffering you have endured but also the life changing effects it has had on you and your family. This includes an inability to work, loss of earnings, treatments and surgeries, home alterations, mobility equipment and ongoing rehabilitation. In some of the most serious cases, there may be financial cover for the rest of your life.

Types of Claim

Although accidents can occur in ANY type of workplace, those who work in environments such as construction sites, warehouses and production plants are more at risk of a serious injury due to the physical nature of their jobs and the heavy materials and machinery they come into contact with.

The most common types of injury that lead to paralysis are:
● Head injuries
● Spinal injuries

Common accidents which may result in paralysis are:
● Falls from a height
● Being hit by a heavy object
● An accident whilst operating heavy machinery

The severity of paralysis can vary. Some cases may be minor and the victim makes a full recovery. In more permanent cases there may be limited mobility such as paraplegia (full or partial loss of mobility in the legs) or quadriplegia (all four limbs). Paralysis can be classified as ‘localised’ which affects a specific part of the body or ‘generalised’ which affects larger areas.

Am I Eligible for Compensation?

If you have suffered any form of paralysis as a result of a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault, Injury Lawyers UK wants to hear from you. Our personal injury experts will talk you through any potential claim and outline your options throughout the process. We have the experience to tell you if you have a case to make a claim and can help and advise you throughout the process.

No Win, No Fee

The great news is we operate a no win, no fee policy meaning that if you do not pursue a claim, or we are unsuccessful in securing compensation, you will not pay a penny. We take the stress out of the process and will always try to get you all the compensation you deserve. Contact us by filling out our personal injury contact form, texting “CONTACT” to 80011 or by ringing us on 0800 1123 156.