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Claiming for a Personal Injury

Personal injury claims covers claims made for any injury which you yourself have sustained whilst at work or out and about, and can also include illnesses caused by outside factors. If you have sustained an injury which wasn’t your fault, whether you slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket, tripped over boxes in a restaurant or injured yourself on unsafe shop fittings, we can help resolve the situation and recover any compensation you are owed as a result of the injury.

It is often the case that your injury occurred because of an outside factor which was the fault of another party. Every supermarket or public place has a responsibility to keep their premises as risk free as possible, and to protect their customers from hazards such as slippery surfaces or sharp edges. Injuries can also occur at work, and taking all reasonable steps to prevent personal workplace accidents is the responsibility of your employer. If your injury was sustained as a result of negligence by another party, our job is to investigate the specifics of your case and work to recover compensation for the inconvenience and suffering caused to you.

Personal Injury Solicitors in London & Kent

Claims for personal injury through Injury Lawyers UK operate under a No Win No Fee guarantee, and we aim to secure maximum compensation for you. With over fifteen years experience in the field of personal injury law, our personal injury claims UK specialists are qualified to help you pursue your claim. Simply call us on 0800 1123 1256 or complete the enquiry form below, and a member from our London or Kent office will be in touch.

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