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No Win No Fee Solicitors – It’s easy, you pay nothing Win or Lose

If you have suffered injuries in an Accident at Work, Road Traffic Accident or a Slip or Trip in a Public Place Injury Lawyers UK can help. All of our client’s claims are run on a No Win No Fee Basis* which means that you pay nothing whether you win or lose your claim for Personal Injury. We guarantee that you will receive maximum compensation for your Personal Injury claim and you will pay nothing whether you Win or Lose.

No Hidden Costs

We completely understand that you may be concerned that there are hidden costs. We assure you this is not the case, we do get paid for dealing with your claim by your opponents insurers when we are successful with your No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claim. You will also get every penny of your Personal Injury Compensation – we do not take anything that is guaranteed! So don’t forget – We get paid but not by you!

If we lose your Personal Injury Claim you do not pay a penny!

In the unlikely event that we lose your No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claim we promise we will not charge you a penny. We have our own No Win No Fee insurance policies that we take out to cover your claim if we are unsuccessful with it. We will never ask you to pay*. But we don’t like to be negative at Injury Lawyers UK Ltd, we are confident we will be successful with your Personal Injury Claim and you will receive 100% of your Compensation.

Still have questions about our No Win No Fee service?

Do you still have questions that need answering? No problem, contact us today by either calling 0800 1123 156, text “CONTACT” to 80011, or complete our Quick Claim form and we will call you back immediately. All of our advisors are legally trained and have over 10 years experience behind them so we are sure we can put your mind at ease.

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*There are extreme circumstances where we would require you to pay, these are for example if you deliberately mislead us and it is proven that you have asked us to pursue a fraudulent claim