Road accident victim awarded £790,000 compensation

Road Accident Claim – Case Study

A man who suffered physical and mental injuries following a road accident has been awarded more than £791,000 compensation.

The man, who was 39 years old at the time of the accident, had been driving along a carriageway when another car drove out of a side road and collided with his near-side front corner bumper.

The man suffered from whiplash injuries, which led to a sustained pain in his right shoulder as well as headaches and pain in the nape of his neck.

The accident was also the stressor that caused anxiety and depression. This led to more pain, which led to more stress.

Prior to the accident, the man had been highly motivated with a demanding job and regular martial arts training. He was very involved in the running of his house because his wife suffered from rheumatoid arthritis.

However, following the collision, he was unable to help around the house as he had before and he had to give up his martial arts training.

His pain and symptoms were ongoing at the time of the court hearing.

He took legal action against the other driver, saying that he had been negligent in driving out of a side road when it had been unsafe to do so.

The second driver claimed that the man had been indicating left as he approached but hadn’t turned left, making him responsible for the collision.

However, the court ruled that the second driver was at fault. The man was awarded £791,110 to cover his pain and suffering.

Road Accident Claim Details


Total Damages: £791,110 (£791,110 RPI)

PSLA: £40,000 (£40,000 RPI)


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