Woman awarded £287,000 compensation after crushing finger in door

Personal Injury Case Study

A woman who crushed her finger in a door at a beauty salon has been awarded £287,000 compensation.

The accident happened as the woman was leaving the premises. The door slammed quickly behind her and trapped her index finger. The finger was crushed and despite attempts at re-constructive surgery, it later had to be amputated.

A consultant orthopaedic surgeon said that the woman suffered from three separate problems because of the injury. These were:

  • displeasure from the cosmetic appearance, particularly taking into consideration that she was female and it had affected her dominant hand
  • functional impairment, in particular taking into consideration that she was a keyboard user to a significant degree and therefore there was an occupational impairment
  • pain in the right elbow likely to be due to repetitive strain injuries/work-related upper limb disorders that put her at a disadvantage on the open labour market.

The woman also suffered from cold intolerance, and her ability to undertake daily activities was affected because she experienced problems performing a three-finger pinch.

A clinical psychologist found that she was suffering from an adjustment disorder, mood disturbance, general anxiety and social withdrawal.

The woman took legal action claiming that the salon was negligent in failing to have an effective door closing mechanism and failing to warn of the danger posed by the door.

The salon admitted liability and agreed to an out-of-court settlement of £287,000 to compensate her for her pain and loss of amenity, and to cover the cost of future aids and equipment.

Trial/settlement date: 8/11/2013
Type of Award:  Out of Court Settlement

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